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3 Bottles for $90 *Steal Deal

  • Remember, your lash adhesive is what makes you stand out from the rest! This adhesive will have you and your clients amazed! Take advantage of our Steal Deals! 


    This is the perfect adhesive if you are looking for superior retention. Made with the highest quality medical approved ingredients. Ideal for Classic, and Volume technique, black color. Supplied in 5ml bottles and contains enough adhesive to perform between 50 to 100 procedures depending on how much you use. As with all glues, please patch test your clients 48 hours before their treatment. Once opened, store in a cool dry room. Keep it tightly closed in upright position. Shelf life is 5-7 weeks since the bottle has been opened. Humidity levels must be between 50%-70%


    • Drying time is 1-2 seconds (great for advanced artists) 

    • Recommended Room temperature; 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit

    • Viscosity: low 

    • For professional use only 

    • Keep out of reach of children 

    • Unopened bottles can be stored up to 6 months refrigerated, shelf life is 5-7 weeks after opening bottle

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