Q: What are Eyebrow Extensions

A:This revolutionary technique allows our stylists to recreate volume to once full brows. Correct over tweezed or over waxed brows. Fill in gaps,and even cover scars with the end result of that ever elusive perfect brow. Large variety of colors to match any brow and the finished look is completely natural.  Eyebrow hair extensions are a combination of art and science using semi-permanent adhesive and human hair to effectively mimic your own naturally growing brow hair. The brow hair is extended by delicately attaching to already existing individual hair; one hair at a time into the areas of the brow.  We offer this to both women and men. Each client receives customized artistically designed brow shape that fits your eye. We are skilled at reshaping and creating a new brow or restoring and enhancing your natural brow. The choice is yours!


Q: Are you applying the "cluster" or "Strip lashes" one may purchase from drug stores?



Q: Should I do anything to prepare for my eyelash application?

A: YES! You should reframe from drinking LOTS of fluids/Caffine the day of your appointment, to avoid having the jitters, and taking trips back and forth to the rest room. Also, please reframe from wearing any eye makeup before treatment, and remove your contact lenses if you wear them.


Q: How long will my eyelash /eyebrow extensions last? 

A: Your lashes should last 2-3 weeks before you need a touch up. This depends greatly on your lifestyle, and how you treat them.


Q: What are Lavish Lashes?

A: Lavish Lashes are an exciting new product that was developed and invented in East Asia. Lavish Lashes are individual lash extensions that are bonded to your own natural eyelashes. The Lavish Lash Product line is made of synthetic material especially designed to bond to a human eyelash if used with the appropriate bonding agent.


Q: What are Mink Lashes? 

A: Mink lashes are hand made with 100% pure natural mink fur and are the biggest trend with Hollywood Stars.Mink Eyelashes are made of individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live farm animals. Mink eyelashes are not cruel to animals in any way! They are sterilized and Hypo-Allergenic.


Q: What are Silk Lashes?

A: Silk Lashes are lighter than typical (acrylic) eyelash extensions allowing them to flex and tapper to perfection. Ultra soft and made of raw silk synthetic fiber, these lashes create a lucious and glamorous look. Silk lashes are available in a variety of lengths and thickness, curls and on or off the tray.  Experience the eye opening results of silk lashes for yourself.


 Q: Can I swim, or indulge in steam with my lashes?

A: Yes! However, try to avoid rubbing them, as they may shift.



Q: Can I wear eye make up?

A: Yes



Q: How should I maintain my lashes?

A: Avoid oil base face/makeup products, and no steam, hot showers, swimming,or rubbing in the first 24 hours of eyelash applicaition. 


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